Pink Ribbon board

Here is a ribbon board I did for my daughters room.
I took a piece of 20X20 inch plywood and primed it to seal it.
I then cut a piece of pink and white striped fabric and attached it to the plywood. I folded over 4 inch sections to create pockets. I then glued on different decorative ribbons to identify each pocket. I stapled the fabric on the back and pulled it tight to make the front nice and smooth. At the top, I stapled a 2 inch ribbon with a knot tied in the middle to the back for hanging purposes...and to look cute.
It is a great place for my daughter to put her cards, projects, etc... with out putting tape all over my walls.

Something I would do differently is to put better hanging hardware on it, not just a ribbon. As it is, I had to add brackets to the wall to support the weight of the board.

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