Blackberry bush...gardening?

This is my little blackberry bush. I have been told that these grow really well in the Sonoran Desert. I read this book by the Garden Guy, Gary Owen (I think). He said that when you plant the bush, get one of those black buckets you get trees in, from a nursery. By doing this, the roots do not spread and take over. Well, I did not have a black bucket, but I had a purple bin that had a crack in the bottom. So I broke out the rest of the bottom and used that as my bucket. This served a second purpose. It kept the square shape while I was putting the cinder blocks into the ground! Yeah for me. Two for one! As you can see, we still have to finish setting up the sprinkler line to this box, hence the bricks laid across the back. Also notice the chicken wire. Again, I want to keep my favorite chicks from attacking this bush.

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