Man thing

A few years back I was coming into town to visit my family. I was to stay at my Dad's house, in his office/spare room. He was cleaning out his office with the help of one of my sisters (Summer). I have a reputation for being a little ruthless when it comes to cleaning out stuff. So, Summer was helping with the preparations and had utilized a couple of boxes that were full of items for my dad to sort through. When she told him that he needed to sort this stuff before I got there, he grabbed the two boxes, one under each arm, and went over to the door leading to the garage. He paused in front of the door just long enough to declare "Sanctuary" in a very clear strong voice that carried through the vaulted ceiling. He then headed into the land of the untouchable. (garage)

So, when I saw this sign, I simply had to have it! I mounted it on a nice piece of wood and put mounting brackets on the back so it can be hung--immediately.
This is my Father's Day gift to my dad. I love you Dad!


this is a picture of a mural I worked on with two of my sisters. Tiff and Sundee helped work on the little village. I painted the castle.
This was done in Sundee's little girl's room.

cutsie composition notebook

for a gift for the teacher at the end of the school year, I recovered this composition notebook. It went over really well.

New York Girls Trip Memory book- Part 1

This was a trip I took with my sisters and Mom. We are just now getting around to filling it with the pictures from our adventure. Here are a few shots, the cover mostly. Keep looking, others are being posted too!

New Your girls trip - Part 2

We went to Washington DC and to Baltimore, Maryland.

New York girls trip - Part 3- ish

New Your Girls trip - Part 3

Yep! We made it to New York City!

New York Girls Trip - part 4


New York Girls trip - Part 5

Mary Poppins Musical.
Central Park.
Little Italy.

Girls Trip New York - Part 6

Off to Gettysburg and Fly away Home!

leaf card

In the fall, I created these invitations to a church function for the women. They turned out really great! I used a doily, a leaf punched out of yellow and a rubber stamped image of a leaf. They are tied on with raffia.

Doll House

This last year for Christmas, my beauty girl asked for a doll house for her Barbies. Well, they were ridiculously expensive. So I called in some help and we remade this book shelf into a doll house.

The response was perfect.

Some of the props were re-purposed. The bathtub was a bread pan, the sink was a candle stick holder (upside down). The dresser up stairs was a jewelry box, kitchen table was a tile glued to a candle holder, rocking chair was a pin cushion. The wall paper was scrapbook papers