Race cards

Here are two versions of the same card. When ever I have a little boy to give a gift to, these designs are a hit....and really fast to create. The cars are embossed with red glitter embossing powder and the tag keys are attached with a brad. Pretty easy.

t-shirt transfer

I tried a t-shirt transfer for the first time. It went pretty smooth. We were making family Home evening shirts. The idea was to put on a symbol of truth. Anyway, I was feeling creative and each shirt was different. The blue was mine (mom), pink-white one was for beauty girl, the orange-white shirt was for my big 'ol boy and the plain white tee was for my main man (dad).

We finished our section about wearing the symbols and so now the kids are "allowed" to wear the shirts whenever, not just on Monday nights. It does my heart good because both kids want to wear their shirts and they do--often! Ha! By the way, the shirts were all purchased for either a dollar or less than $3.50 (good deal)

camo pants NO MORE

These were a pair of camo pants from my son. I do not know why I still had them hanging around, since he is so much bigger now. But lucky for me, my little beauty girl really wanted a camo skirt. So, I cut off the pants, and pieced together a ruffle skirt, attached it and......Tada!

Little girl camo skirt.

Dollar Dress

Now here is something that finally worked!
I bought this sheet at a thrift store on a sale day. I payed one dollar. I then preceded to make a dress out of it. It is a pullover with elastic at the waste. It is all cotton, perfect for Arizona! No zippers or buttons! The only thing that I had to spend extra on was the rick rack on the edge. Other than that, I did not spend anything. I used up supplies I had (thread, elastic)

The sleeves were gathered up (because they were too long) which ended up looking pretty cool. I made a few changes. I moved the rick rack from the neck to the hem line. Here is a close up of the sleeves and hem.