Not my shoe!

We played a game at a family function a month or so ago. My 6 foot tall sister let my older brother borrow her shoes. They fit him. Then my big-ol boy put them on. Then everyone needed a turn. There are four different people in the same shoes. Can you guess who is Who?
The Options are
- Oldest Brother
- Big-ol boy
- 6 foot blond bombshell
- Me!

Not my shoe - Answers

Do not read this if you are still playing the game!

Picture 1 - Big-ol boy

Picture 2 - ME

Picture 3 - 6 ft blond bombshell

picture 4 - Oldest brother

Did you get it right?

Eggs - Backyard or store

I have a comparison . There are two eggs from different sources. the brown shell is from our big black chick, Sparkle. The white shell is from the store. See how the egg whites from the brown egg keeps its shape, while the one from the store spreads out. The brown egg also tastes richer.

Here we see two eggs. The one on the left is from our big yellow chick, Dandaleen. The one on the right is from our big black chick, Sparkle.

Fence Pots Garden

Okay, I found this really cool idea in a BHG do it YOURSELF magazine. Their project cost $70. not bad...not good either. So I took their idea and looked around my house to see what I had that I could use. (the pic with the words "on he fence" is from the magazine)
I had the pots from last season $0, they spent $20.
I had the paint from some leftovers $0, they spent $12 on spray paint
I did not use painters tape because I used a brush and not spray paint $0, they spent $3
And the fence hangers, I used a screw on the back of the fence post and an old chain hooked around it. $0, they spent $32 (plus when I went to the hardware store, those fancy fence hangers were no where to be found!)
Oh yeah they spent $3 on screws, Me $0... I already had them.
Their total for a really cool project $70, me $0. Yeah ME!
(The bottom pic is of my little picket fence on my porch.)

Fence Pot Garden - a "how to"

pots, scrubbed of excess dirt from outside

Chain from old bunk bed screwed to fence post

Pot, unpainted, fits nicely and hangs in chain

End result -- Pot painted with freshly planted flowers.


Hatcing chicks?

Dandaleen, our big yellow chick has been displaying some really strange behavior lately. She lays an egg and stay on it in the egg box all day. Every time we go to get the egg, she puffs her self up until she is twice the size of her normal chicken self. We think she is brooding--trying to hatch some eggs. Sorry sweetie, you don't get to be a mommy. We need a rooster for that. The behavior lasted about a week, and then she stopped the antics.

(you can see her normal size compared to her puffy size.)

Marigold- King-Daddy...Fist size

I got these seeds several years ago, and to my surprise, the seeds produced lots of marigolds, but not the typical quarter sized buds, but fist sized blossoms. I dubbed these King-Daddy marigolds...because they are the most majestic in size and color of any other marigolds I have seen. Here you can see the two kinds of flowers, side by side.

Dragonfly Wall Hook

I found this cool wall hook at Goodwill, but someone had written on it and it was baby blue. Not my color.

So I improved it!. I painted the outer edge white, glued some cool dot paper over the top and added glitter swirls (to the dragon fly too).

I just love sparkles.

Fake fruit...the conclusion

Well, the peaches have bloomed and become fruit... The fake fruit, which you can now see on the ground did actually help, but it did not solve the birds eating the fruit problem completely. However, I still think I will opt for a bird net next season.

You can see that I did get some peaches off of this tree. I was shocked because it was only planted last October.

Here is the first peach, cut open and ready to eat. It was good!

DIY Endocrine System - Oral Report

I took a class that was for Nursing Assistants. It was an intense, four week class. We were in class from 7am till 3:30, Monday through Friday. We had a test every day, had to learn clinical skills (like changing a bed with a person in it). We actually went to a long-term care facility, for four days, 6 am to 3:30pm. And we had an oral Report on different systems in the body. We were randomly teamed up with fellow class mates. I got the Endocrine system. We had to teach the other students all about our system. We came up with a way to show our body system with "Bud". Bud started out being a simple life size Dale Earnhart Jr, Budweiser poster. But he turned into our model. You can see stuff over his face, that is a vellum brain, complete with the pituitary, hypothalamus and pineal glands. Then the rest of the glands are placed over the remaining parts of his body. Bud turned into a he/she at the end, getting both male and female reproductive glands. We got a good grade, and It turned out well. "Right Bud?"

Savior picture - remake

I have been wanting to change the picture of the Savior in my big-ol-boy's room for a long time. I had this old calendar from the year 2000, that I have been saving. You know how you love something, but it is outdated. Yet you must save it anyway! I let both of my kids choose which print they liked best. For this one, I took the existing frame which was early 90's floral and spray painted it metallic silver. It goes with the color scheme of my big-ol-boy's room. I then took the backing from the picture and mounted flocked navy paper over the top. There is no glass for this frame, it broke long ago, but I like the dimensional feel of the different textures. It almost begs you to touch the fuzzy-ness. I then ran two strips of navy ribbon about an inch or two from the top. I mounted the picture with double sided tape and silver brads. I then took this little silver phrase and glued in in the middle of the ribbon. It says "happiness is..." I hope this will inspire my big-ol-boy to fill in the blank with good things.

Composition Notebook- cutified

We cutified a composition notebook. On the last day of school, My little beauty gave this to her teacher. On the inside, we put a "thank you" with her picture. It was a kind of going away gift. I like the way it turned out.

Picture labels

For my little beauty, I have come up with a system that works GREAT! She was having trouble putting her clothing away in the correct place. she would take the entire stack and shove it into a hole, drawer, under the bed, etc... It was "put away" just in the wrong place. I wanted to label her drawers, but she has a reading disorder called dyslexia. There are varying degrees of this disorder, but hers was diagnosed as severe. It is almost like she is blind to reading. That being the case, word labels were not going to help. So I tool a Polaroid camera and took pictures of a few items that belonged in each drawer. I then taped them the front of the drawers. This has been fantastic! It works so well now because she does not have to guess at the words, she can just use the pictures to find the correct home for her clothing.

Chore Chart - Boy

My son is out of school for the summer. We have devised a "New and Improved" chore chart. I used an old clipboard and covered it with boy friendly scrapbook papers. I then created a small box that I glued to the bottom to hold "chore chart cards" These cards have specific requirements for completing a chore. For example the "bedroom" card has daily duties, like making bed and picking up clothing. But it has Weekly duties also, that include, but are not limited to changing sheets, empty trash... and so on. He can take the card out of the holder and clip it to the front for a quick reference until he is done. By having everything spelled out, he can not say that he forgot or more commonly "did not know". I have added tabs to the top of the chore chart cards to make finding the correct duty a snap. We have tried this for one whole day. So far so good. As he goes through the chores, he circles the $ amount next to that chore on that day. I figured I might as well have someone else help with the house work and we can offset some of his expenses with him working it off. At the end of the day, I review it and thus we see the checks and balances process in action.