DIY Endocrine System - Oral Report

I took a class that was for Nursing Assistants. It was an intense, four week class. We were in class from 7am till 3:30, Monday through Friday. We had a test every day, had to learn clinical skills (like changing a bed with a person in it). We actually went to a long-term care facility, for four days, 6 am to 3:30pm. And we had an oral Report on different systems in the body. We were randomly teamed up with fellow class mates. I got the Endocrine system. We had to teach the other students all about our system. We came up with a way to show our body system with "Bud". Bud started out being a simple life size Dale Earnhart Jr, Budweiser poster. But he turned into our model. You can see stuff over his face, that is a vellum brain, complete with the pituitary, hypothalamus and pineal glands. Then the rest of the glands are placed over the remaining parts of his body. Bud turned into a he/she at the end, getting both male and female reproductive glands. We got a good grade, and It turned out well. "Right Bud?"

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