Chore Chart - Boy

My son is out of school for the summer. We have devised a "New and Improved" chore chart. I used an old clipboard and covered it with boy friendly scrapbook papers. I then created a small box that I glued to the bottom to hold "chore chart cards" These cards have specific requirements for completing a chore. For example the "bedroom" card has daily duties, like making bed and picking up clothing. But it has Weekly duties also, that include, but are not limited to changing sheets, empty trash... and so on. He can take the card out of the holder and clip it to the front for a quick reference until he is done. By having everything spelled out, he can not say that he forgot or more commonly "did not know". I have added tabs to the top of the chore chart cards to make finding the correct duty a snap. We have tried this for one whole day. So far so good. As he goes through the chores, he circles the $ amount next to that chore on that day. I figured I might as well have someone else help with the house work and we can offset some of his expenses with him working it off. At the end of the day, I review it and thus we see the checks and balances process in action.

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