This little trike was given to us and it was green and black. It was in the john deer tractor style. My daughter wanted to have it, so we painted it pink and silver.

The frame that could.

I have had this print for almost 9 years. I have been waiting to frame it, because I wanted to get it done by a professional. Well, last night, I couldn't stand it any more. I decided I couldn't wait. So I went to the local thrift store and started to look at old frames. I had the dimensions of the print and found a frame the right size. As luck would have it, it also had a matt that came with it. I decided to double frame it, instead of double matt it. So I found a frame that would fit over the first frame. When I got them home, I sanded the inner frame and painted it the same color as my accent wall. For the outer frame, I just put a small amount of black paint over the existing finish (and only on the outer edge.) Then I put them on the wall. I am so proud of myself for doing a project the same day I started it!
Inner frame with glass and matt --$3.99
Outer frame, no glass, no matt -- $2.99
The print cost me 10 times the amount for the framing.

From Humble beginnings, much can be accomplished.

Terra cotta pot makeover

This little pot was useful as a plant holder, but now it is lovely as a .....plant holder. All right, the use is the same, it now just looks cool. I took the leftover wall paint from the house and used it on the pot.

Homeless Magazines - no more!

I was out at my mother's home the other day and we were "organizing" a shelf. We were tossing some things and keeping others. But the dilemma of what to do with the magazines came up. We wanted to organize and spend No money. She had some ratty old magazine file boxes (you know the ones that hold the magazines in the standing position). So, we got out her scrapbook papers and got busy. We covered only the front of the magazine file for two reasons. First, that was the only part that was going to show. Second, if we covered the sides, they would get torn when pulling the folders on and off the shelf. And third - wait didn't I only say two - oh well, third, we saved a large part of the scrapbook papers for another project. Frugality at work! You can see the embellishments we put on the front. They are envelopes that were cut down and glued to the facade. We printed out labels with the names of the magazines from a label maker and put it on the outside of the envelope. (A label maker, super cool invention. Words that print out on stickers, brilliant. Well, that is a topic for another day! Back to the magazines.) Then we cut strips of paper to put in the little pockets where we can document what years are in the magazine file. We also organized the shelf, de-cluttering it and such. And in this last photo, you can see the finished project on display.

If you want to see some other magazine files that we decorated, go to my mother's blog at:

Wooden Blocks

Another Cheap project for Enrichment night. These are 2X4's cut into 4 inch sections and sanded (except the first letter, it is 6 inches). Then they were painted with one coat of black craft paint. I sanded the edges and had some letters die-cut out of scrapbook papers and glued them to the front with Aleen's tacky glue. Then I added some ribbon with staples and more glue. The finishing touches are some sparkly gem's next to the "f" and dotting the "i". Viola! The wood was about 75 cents, the ribbon was less than a dollar, and the scrapbook paper was about 75 cents. The whole project cost between $2.50 and $3.00. Not too bad, aye!

Simply Grateful- Wooden Frame

I was in charge of getting some CHEEP projects for Enrichment Night. I must admit, I got the idea from my sister, then I improved on it. This is a 2X4 frame. It is a finished size of 12x12.

I took four 8 inch sections of 2x4 wood.
I glued the ends to the sides to create a small window .
I then took flocked 12X12 scrapbook paper and cut a hole in the middle using the actual wood as my guide ( I traced the middle hole onto the paper)
and glued it on.
I then edged it with satin ribbon and .... here it is finished and hanging on my wall.

The wood cost about 75 cents.
The ribbon cost about $1.25.
The 12X12 paper was the expensive part at $3.

Project total $5

Easter Dresses

This year we were on a
I took stuff I already had and made it work for Easter dresses. I had a dress that I'd gotten in New York on a Girls Trip last August. It had spaghetti straps and the bodice would not stay zipped up when I took a breath. I did not realize this when I originally got it. AND Breathing is important to me. It was cute as it was, but I had to wear a shirt under it....I hate to layer. We live in the land of the sun (hot). So I added a top from some left over white fabric from a vintage style vogue pattern and added the red and white checkers , which I already had. I did have to buy red trim. I also removed the straps all together which was much better than trying to keep them on the shoulders. (you can see the two dresses in process here)

On Jadie Babies dress, it really was not a dress at all. About a year ago, I got a cute skirt that was knit and had three tiers. It was 49 cents. Last July, I had gotten a white shirt on clearance for 98 cents. I decided that If I sewed them together I would have a similar dress to mine. So I added a solid red ruffle out of some red ribbing I already had and added the red checker ruffle that matched my dress. I also added the red trim. After putting some pin tucks in the shirt, I sewed the skirt to the shirt, topped it with trim and viola.... matching Easter dresses. I did have to buy the yellow flower on the front of the dress. It was a dollar. I also bought the red daisy flower that I used in Jadie Babies hair (also a dollar) For Jadie Babies dress, including the red trim and the daisy flower, I spent a few pennies under $4. For Mine, I spent about a $2.50 for the trim and the pattern for the top. I think the Dress from New York was $10 (but I am not counting that because I did not buy it for Easter). We already had the red shoes. Tadahh!!!
My big Ol' Boy (13 years old) wanted to know where his new clothes were. I asked him if he waned me to make him a tie out of the red checkers and add a daisy. He turned me down.

Beads, Beads, Pretty Beads

I went and made some clay beads to match my Easter dress. But, I never got them strung, and Easter has come and gone. So, I will wear them After Easter Sunday, instead of on Easter Sunday.

Jadie Baby helped make beads. This was one of her creations.


WE GOT ONE! Our first egg from our five chicks. Sparkle, the big black chick gave us a lovely medium sized brown egg at around 2pm today!!!

(Aren't you shocked! I am documenting it almost as it happened) I am so excited. I thought it would be so cool to have eggs from our chickens for Easter, and wouldn't you know it, We got an Easter egg -- technically a day late, but I am going to count it anyway!

How does your Garden Grow--update

HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW? With lavender, and carrot tops and tomato plants all in a row.....

Just an update. This is what my garden currently looks like. Jadey Baby is picking some tomatoes for me...and being shocked that they are actually growing AND ripe.

You can see in the last picture how much growth has happened in the last month. YIPPEE!

The only thing that still struggles to grow is the Poppies and the Black-eyed Susans. Everything else is getting along quite nicely

PopCorn Popping Peeping Toms- I mean chicks

Sing it with me now.....the tune is Popcorn Popping.

I Looked out the window and what did I see.
Three little chicken heads looking at me.
Spring has brought me such a big surprise, Chickens who look in at me all day and night.
Ginger on the bicycle, Twinkle on the ground.
Rose with her staring eyes, making peeping sounds.
It actually was so, and it seemed to me.
Chickens at the window just a peeking at me.

OK...Singing time is over.

Seriously, the chicks come over to the window and watch what is going on at the dinner table. Once in a while it is startling, but we get a good giggle out of it.

(The mesh you see is the screens on our windows...keeping the birds out)

Office Organization Center - PART two

I found my original inspiration picture. This was from a Pottery Barn Catalog, several years ago. As I mentioned in the previous post, I did a few things different, but this was where my inspiration came from.

This is a picture of MY organization center. I have added a spot inside where I can place the items to be filed (which I did not have before) and I am adding some cork to the inside panel. At first I did not want to do that, but I found I was taping items up and that was not working as well as I wanted it to.

As for the magnetic panel, that is working really well.

All in all, I am pleased. I can still have my bills and other items accessible, but then I can close the doors and everything looks organized and cleaned up.