Easter Dresses

This year we were on a budget....so....
I took stuff I already had and made it work for Easter dresses. I had a dress that I'd gotten in New York on a Girls Trip last August. It had spaghetti straps and the bodice would not stay zipped up when I took a breath. I did not realize this when I originally got it. AND Breathing is important to me. It was cute as it was, but I had to wear a shirt under it....I hate to layer. We live in the land of the sun (hot). So I added a top from some left over white fabric from a vintage style vogue pattern and added the red and white checkers , which I already had. I did have to buy red trim. I also removed the straps all together which was much better than trying to keep them on the shoulders. (you can see the two dresses in process here)

On Jadie Babies dress, it really was not a dress at all. About a year ago, I got a cute skirt that was knit and had three tiers. It was 49 cents. Last July, I had gotten a white shirt on clearance for 98 cents. I decided that If I sewed them together I would have a similar dress to mine. So I added a solid red ruffle out of some red ribbing I already had and added the red checker ruffle that matched my dress. I also added the red trim. After putting some pin tucks in the shirt, I sewed the skirt to the shirt, topped it with trim and viola.... matching Easter dresses. I did have to buy the yellow flower on the front of the dress. It was a dollar. I also bought the red daisy flower that I used in Jadie Babies hair (also a dollar) For Jadie Babies dress, including the red trim and the daisy flower, I spent a few pennies under $4. For Mine, I spent about a $2.50 for the trim and the pattern for the top. I think the Dress from New York was $10 (but I am not counting that because I did not buy it for Easter). We already had the red shoes. Tadahh!!!
My big Ol' Boy (13 years old) wanted to know where his new clothes were. I asked him if he waned me to make him a tie out of the red checkers and add a daisy. He turned me down.

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The Tiff-girl said...

Very cute. I can't believe your son didn't want a matching tie! :)