Homeless Magazines - no more!

I was out at my mother's home the other day and we were "organizing" a shelf. We were tossing some things and keeping others. But the dilemma of what to do with the magazines came up. We wanted to organize and spend No money. She had some ratty old magazine file boxes (you know the ones that hold the magazines in the standing position). So, we got out her scrapbook papers and got busy. We covered only the front of the magazine file for two reasons. First, that was the only part that was going to show. Second, if we covered the sides, they would get torn when pulling the folders on and off the shelf. And third - wait didn't I only say two - oh well, third, we saved a large part of the scrapbook papers for another project. Frugality at work! You can see the embellishments we put on the front. They are envelopes that were cut down and glued to the facade. We printed out labels with the names of the magazines from a label maker and put it on the outside of the envelope. (A label maker, super cool invention. Words that print out on stickers, brilliant. Well, that is a topic for another day! Back to the magazines.) Then we cut strips of paper to put in the little pockets where we can document what years are in the magazine file. We also organized the shelf, de-cluttering it and such. And in this last photo, you can see the finished project on display.

If you want to see some other magazine files that we decorated, go to my mother's blog at:

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The Tiff-girl said...

This is a really good idea. The boxes look great!