The frame that could.

I have had this print for almost 9 years. I have been waiting to frame it, because I wanted to get it done by a professional. Well, last night, I couldn't stand it any more. I decided I couldn't wait. So I went to the local thrift store and started to look at old frames. I had the dimensions of the print and found a frame the right size. As luck would have it, it also had a matt that came with it. I decided to double frame it, instead of double matt it. So I found a frame that would fit over the first frame. When I got them home, I sanded the inner frame and painted it the same color as my accent wall. For the outer frame, I just put a small amount of black paint over the existing finish (and only on the outer edge.) Then I put them on the wall. I am so proud of myself for doing a project the same day I started it!
Inner frame with glass and matt --$3.99
Outer frame, no glass, no matt -- $2.99
The print cost me 10 times the amount for the framing.

From Humble beginnings, much can be accomplished.


jomymother said...

I think I posted yesterday on this, but I don't see it here. So I'll post again. I just wanted to say, It turned out really well. I really like it.

Summer said...

I think that's ingenius!

Jannie said...

I had a very similar idea, but I may just steal yours completely. Love it!