When all the world is...HOT!

Oh... what do you do in the summer time, when all the world is hot!

We make ice cream.

--Take a little milk, half and half, cream and sugar...

--Put them in the blue smurf (tiny ice cream maker)

--Mix until it is mostly solid

--Pour into bowls

--Eat with feet in a play pool.

Aah... the world has been cooled for a little while.

The case of Mistaken Identity

All of these items have been mistaken for something they are not.

See how you do:

What is this?

If you guessed the first photo is mozzarella cheese: you would have guessed the same as my daughter.

The next photo looked like little balls of cookie dough (notice there is one missing in the bottom corner, you can see the remnant of a white ball stuck to the tin foil). My husband tasted one of these.

And the last photo? Did you guess milk?

All of these identities are mistaken! These are none other than a humble

bar of soap.

Did you guess Soap?