Savior picture - remake

I have been wanting to change the picture of the Savior in my big-ol-boy's room for a long time. I had this old calendar from the year 2000, that I have been saving. You know how you love something, but it is outdated. Yet you must save it anyway! I let both of my kids choose which print they liked best. For this one, I took the existing frame which was early 90's floral and spray painted it metallic silver. It goes with the color scheme of my big-ol-boy's room. I then took the backing from the picture and mounted flocked navy paper over the top. There is no glass for this frame, it broke long ago, but I like the dimensional feel of the different textures. It almost begs you to touch the fuzzy-ness. I then ran two strips of navy ribbon about an inch or two from the top. I mounted the picture with double sided tape and silver brads. I then took this little silver phrase and glued in in the middle of the ribbon. It says "happiness is..." I hope this will inspire my big-ol-boy to fill in the blank with good things.

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