New chicks - in December 2008

I have been trying to get a new chick ever since we lost Dot. I wanted a total of three hens. I had been calling the feed stores for about four weeks to see if new chicks had arrived! The feed stores kept saying that they do not know when their chicks will come in. I wanted to introduce the new chick before the first set got too big, but too late! The other chicks are too big. Today, we got three new baby chicks. The yellow one is going to be a Red hen, the black one is a Black Australorp, and the striped one is an Amaracana. I originally went to a feed store in Phoenix (about 15 miles away) because they had a shipment of chicks come in. But they only had the black one and yellow one. So I got one of each. I could not have just one new baby chick, it would get lonely and be sad. So I got two. Already I had one more chick than I meant to. But I could not have a lonely baby chick. When I got home, I realized I needed something else for the chicks. So I went to the feed store that was only about 3 miles away. What do you suppose they had come in that very day? CHICKS.... I had my daughter with me and she wanted to “just see” the babies. I thought, “What will it hurt?” oops….Then I saw the striped chick. It was the kind I had been looking for, an Amaricana. OOPS! I put down my two dollars at the check stand and walked out of the feed store with another animal. I did not even get what I went to the store to get! How was I going to tell my husband that I got another chick. We were NOT supposed to have more than three. The chicken coop was built for three. Then I come home with two one…That is a total of 5 chickens. Oops.... But I got the one I really wanted!

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