Office Organization Center

I got this great idea to have an organization center over my desk. I actually got inspiration from Pottery Barn. I did not have the $189 to buy the unit, so I made it. I got 2 bi fold doors from a used construction materials place - called Stardust and then built a frame using 1X4's around the doors. I then put bead board panels in the bi fold doors. Inside, I used 1X4 lumber to make the shelves. On one of the doors I put a piece of sheet metal so I could use magnets. I used a staple gun to keep the panels in place and then caulked around the seams. I still need to put a final coat of paint. But, not too bad.

If I had to do it again, I would just give up on the magnetic part. The sheet metal was hard to bend and cut to the right shape. Then adhering it to the bead board panel was a trick. I used liquid nails and held the sheet metal on by putting full gallon sized paint cans on it for weight. I tried magnetic paint on another project, but that was ridiculously expensive for a tiny can and to get it even remotely magnetic, I had to use four coats which used up the whole can. In all I spent about $50, including hardware, on my office organization center. A good savings.


Summer said...

HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm thoroughly impressed. I love, love, LOVE it!!

Summer said...

i sooooo want to do this!

The Tiff-girl said...

Ditto that impressed part. It looks really good.