Pink Magnetic Board

This is the pink magnet board I made. I took a 2o"X20" piece of ply wood. I added 4 coats of magnetic paint. Then I hand painted the design. I added the 2 1/2" ribbon with a knot in the middle by stapling it to the back of the board (with several staples).

I must say, this did not turn out fantastic. The magnetic paint is not very strong. I had to use ALL of the can and it was expensive. The hand painting took a while, but was fun. and the ribbon is not strong enough to hold the board. I had to add brackets mounted to the wall for support. All in all, it probably cost me about $25. I saw one I liked a lot at a local boutique that was $25. I could have bought it and it probably would have worked better. At least my daughter likes the board. I had to remove a ton of items to get a photo.

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The Tiff-girl said...

Very cute. Too bad the magnetic paint didn't work very well.