Chicks - Who gets to be on the top perch?

I had peeked into the Easter egg house to see who had gotten onto a perch and was settled in for the night. We have an upper and lower perch. Sparkle (big black chick) was on the top one with Twinkle (little black chick) and Rose Red (little red chick). I was a little surprised at this line up. Dandaleen (big yellow chick) and Sparkle are inseparable sisters and usually the ones on the top. One of the smaller girls usually have to hurry to get a top spot.
Well, it was about sunset and I heard lots of squawking. Then I heard two thumps. So I looked back into the coop! Sparkle had shoved Twinkle and Rose Red off the top perch and onto the floor! Now, sitting beside her was her beloved Dandaleen and a very cautious Ginger (looks like a hawk) giving a look of "Just try to knock me off, Sister and I will show you a pecking order!" Twinkle and Rose Red had to settle for the bottom row.

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