least preparing to garden

Aaaaah...the garden box. Here in the Arizona desert, gardening is, well lets face it TONS of work. You have to designate a spot, water the dirt, add good dirt, water, add top soil, add compost, water, add straw, add nutrients, water, add chicken poop (at least i have that part covered) and water the dirt again, turn the soil, add a sprinkler line and water it again, make a covering for the garden to protect it from the sun.....and then, plant your seeds. Then water, water, water and hope! Out of 500 carrot seeds, you will get three glorious two inch orange sticks. But you grew it your self! Yum! And to top it off, I have to protect my new seedlings from my Chicks. In fact, right after I planted the seeds, I put some chicken wire over the dirt to deter some unwanted pecking and scratching. That same day, I came home and found Sparkle (our black chick) with a bloody beak! What? How? Where? When? As I was inspecting the yard for hazards, I happened to look into the garden box. (there was no cute fencing at that time, but the red bricks were in place.) There in the corner was evidence of scratching and peck marks. Ah ha! The Chicks were trying out my garden. But I have a garden, just the same.

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