Ribbon Storage

How many times have we been through this! Where is that ribbon? I have tried bags of ribbons, putting the ribbon on dowels and hanging them up, putting them in drawers, stuffing them into pencil boxes, putting them in large plastic bins. But every time I tried to use one, I couldn't get to it without unloading ALL (OK that may be an exaggeration) of the other ribbons. It was so frustrating.
Then I got smart! I looked up ribbon storage on line. I found a really nice storage system, but did not have the $115 to get it. So, I had to find a way to get the same result, easy access. I had a cord organizer from Ikea. You know the one that looks like a shoe rack. I turned it on an angle and mounted it on the wall. I then added some clips that are used to hang curtains. That is where I put all of the ribbon that does not have a spool. It works like a charm. Any time I need a certain ribbon, I just take it off the rack. I can then put it right back when I am done. And, it is visible so the search is off!

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