Cranberries and Greedy chicks

Our little flock of chicks just go gah gah over dried cranberries. This is their favorite treat. In fact, when we go out side to divvy up treats, we often have a sneaky chick or two who steal one. Here is my own beauty with Dandaleen (yellow), Twinkle (small black chick), and Ginger (speckled hen). Ginger gets right up in your face for treats. Literally. I was passing them out yesterday. I crouched down and had some in the palm of my hand, which was outstretched. The chicks made quick work of the berries, but Ginger was not done. She came up to me and looked at my nose from about two inches away! It startled me a little. But the next day, she did the same thing to my beauty girl.

Here you can see all five or our Chicks enjoying some wheat snacks. Ginger is inside the Easter Egg house. The three eating out of the bowl are Rose (our little red hen), Twinkle and Sparkle (the two black chicks) and Dandaleen (yellow)who is a little more shy. She holds back sometimes, being content with the wheat berries that have fallen to the ground from the other greedy chicks. Unless she sees cranberries. Then she is one of the quickest to attach the offering.


jomymother said...

One thing for sure, you are never lacking for entertainment. :)

Summer said...

It sure seems the chickens get lots of love. And it looks like Jadey Baby is getting prettier every day.