Eating out of my hand!

I was in the back yard pulling weeds out of the grass. After a few minutes, I realized that
Sparkle, our big black chick was nibbling on the pile of clover that I had just pulled. Pretty soon, Sparkle was not content with the weeds I had just tossed, she wanted the weeds that were in my hand. So I pulled a weed and held it out to her. She pecked at a leaf or two and a piece of dirt, but that was not good enough. I realized as my hand grazed her feathery head that she wanted the weeds AS they were coming out to the ground! She literally had her head and beak right where my fingers were. She began EATING the leaves and roots AS I pulled it up! I was really shocked and amused at the same time. These birds are so silly.
( In the photo you see me with my fingers around the base of the clover and Sparkle has her beak against my fingers ready to pounce on the roots and dirt.)

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Jannie said...

They sure are silly birds! Too bad you can't train them to go pull the weeds FOR you. Then again they'd probably start pulling the wrong plants up and then you'd have a REAL mess!