Wire Connectors....or something else?

I know you did not know, but these
wire connectors have found a new use.


I feel like Shrek, or Frankenstein.
OK, here is the story. I was running the table saw, all by my self. You know the really loud one on it's own free standing table with the large whirling blade in the center. I was looking all over the garage for the earplugs, which obviously my husband put in a very safe place, when I came across an item that resembled ear plugs. So I thought, why not....I need to cut the noise, these may help.

Low and behold, they actually worked really well. Not soft, but also not going all the way into my ear canal. It worked in a pinch.

Pretty neat.

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The Tiff-girl said...

pretty neat...and pink--functional and fashionable!