The swing

I really wanted a swing in the backyard. REALLY bad! I had priced out the ones that stand alone with a little umbrella. Spendy. I looked at building my own, but the price was prohibitive, like $75 just for supplies. Then I talked to my brother about my issue . He suggested a simple pattern. And wouldn't you know it. I actually had everything I needed right in my garage! It didn't cost me a Dime! Here is what I did.

step 1. find some wood that is the right size. These are drawer pieces of real wood. Also, get some sturdy roap. I have some 1/2 inch roap that my husband does not remember having. His loss...My gain.

2. Glue the pieces together and clamp them with ....clamps
3. drill 1/2 inch holes for rope to go through
4. paint - I primed it with white first, then went back over it with Lime green.
5. cut two lenghts of roap. Length from the ground to the branch and back.
6. loop the roap over the branch so it hangs evenly to the ground.
7. tie a knot in each rope about elbow high (your elbow)
8. thread the roap through the holes and tie a knot on the bottom.
9. tie the roap off on the bottom of the swing, cut any remaining roap, knot the end and burn it with a match (this keeps it from fraying. I could not bear to cut the beautiful rope, so i have TONS of knots under my swing.
10. Take it for a test swing.

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Summer said...

Tara, super cute! I love the swing and thanks for the pattern. I wish I could get a hold of wood pieces like you do.