Magical Fire Starter

The perfect fire starter. Pine Cones!

I was looking for things to do with my nephews and niece when I went back east this last summer. I came across an "activity" of make your own fire starters.

Basically it is dry pine cones, covered in wax--(and a little salt while still sticky).

They work fantastic!

I took old candles that have a tunnel burned out of the center and melted them in a pot of hot water.

Then I poured the melted wax over the pine cones... and hurried... and sprinkled salt.

Don't they look like they have been frosted!

I just put one or two under the logs I am going to light (in the fire place). Strike a match and the magic begins.
I am not sure (exactly) why this works. It has something to do with the wax though. I think it gives the fire some staying power so it will actually burn the pine cones. What ever it is... It works!

Try it!

P.S. I did not actually get to make these with the little guys back east.

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