Tiffy's Living Room -REDO-

Before - Tiffy's living room.AFTER---TA DA!!!
I painted the walls a lovely chocolate brown with a green stripe.
We found a bunch of picture frames Tiff already had and painted all of them silver to create a collection. We then put baby pictures of each family member in the frames and mounted them along with the silver mirror (which she previously had hanging over the fire place.
Tiff added brown ribbon to the green pillows which helps tie things together. Tiffy had purchased the new sectional before we started to tackle the room, so since we were changing things up anyway, why not go all out.
We decided to use the old entertainment center (which was still quite nice) as a sofa back table.
We also hung a curtain that really accentuated the colors in the room.
We relocated the TV to over the fire place. But before we could put it on top of the mantel, I had to extend the mantel to make it big enough to mount the TV. (Yes I did mount the TV! It is bolted to the mantel)

There are still a few things we are working on. The new entertainment center needs legs and grout on the new tile top. Were are still getting a cord organizer for all of the unsightly electrical. But overall, the room has a new appeal. It is quite inviting and very functional.


Jannie said...

WOW!!! That is FANTASTIC! Want to come over and do MY front room???

jomymother said...

As you well know, I love it. Great job!