a little tree

I got this wonderful idea from a trip I took with my sisters in August of 2008. Anthropology had a beautiful old wardrobe with glass doors. But the glass doors had a drawing of a tree on it in marker. I could not get the idea out of my head. So I took this frame, took out the yucky cat poster and drew on the glass. I used dry erase markers instead of permanent and I drew on the back so it would not get smudged. Then I put two little birds that I had cut out of an old wrapping bag. I glittered and shined up the birds, of course, before I stuck them to the front side of the glass. It gives the tree a little life. The pictures do not show it super well, but you get the idea.

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Summer said...

Okay, this is killing me. You have so many ideas. We live too far apart.